Bestower Charitable Foundation

The story behind the founding of Bestower Charitable Foundation starts with Mr. Singh. An ordinary person, who took on an extraordinary dream, and went into action. Sourav Singh, is the founder and chairperson of BCF.

One morning on his way to work, Sourav saw many children begging at traffic street lights, and rummaging through garbage for food. Appalled by what he saw, Sourav decided the only way out for these children from their cycle of poverty and abuse, is education. He created a learning centre, and visited the parents of these street children. He explained to them the importance of education, and persuaded many parents to let their children attend his learning centre where he provided basic education, and food. His goal was to prepare the children to enroll into state schools. Within a few short months, many of the children where then admitted to their nearest government funded school.

Let’s Make The world a Better Place

“I always saw children going to school but never dreamt that I will be amongst them one day”



At Bestower Charitable Foundation, we believe that each individual can contribute and support in building a better and secure society. We deeply value and appreciate your time and initiative. There are several initiatives, campaigns, events and projects of India, within our health, education, livelihood and disaster preparedness and response programmes, and your voluntary support is highly welcome .


With increased focus on children's rights, we involve children as active participants in the development process. In the past our community development programs benefited children, but we worked largely with the adult community members. Now, with increased focus on children’s rights, we involve children as active participants in the development process.


Your donation can save a child’s life. It will also give one of our street children a new start. The chance to gain vocational training so they can become employed as adults. However small, you will be making a huge difference with long-lasting impact. If you want to help us get India’s children off the streets and into schools, then please make a donation today. Our administration costs are very low, so you can be assured your money is going directly to help the children in need.