Women Empowerment

Beti Bacho-Beti Padao BCF understands that women’s empowerment in India is heavily dependent on many different variables. These variables include geographical location (urban/rural), educational and social status, (caste and class), and age. We are committed to help empower women through education, and project and events that support women and the girl child, as well as programs that support livelihood, and basic women’s rights. “Beti Bacho-Beti Padao” BCF will provide both marathon and street play events throughout 2018, sponsored by WCD Ministry. Live skits (street play) with the theme “Save The Girl Child, and Educate The Girl Child” is an opportunity to involve and educate communities.

Vodaphone Financial Literacy Program Vodaphone Financial Literacy Program (JAADU Ginni Ka) is a certificate course in financial literacy,and is free of cost. We will encourage adult women to take part in this certificate course. It’s a great opportunity to learn basics financial skills through the use of technology. We believe financial literacy is an important step towards supporting women’s empowerment. Examples of the course. Banking and savings, mobile accounts and e-wallets, wise borrowing, investment, risk management with insurance, and financial planning.

SHG (Self Help Groups) NABARD helping SHG (Self Help Groups). These women’s groups consist of 4-10 informal individuals who are engaged in similar business/occupation seeking a loan. BCF is helping these women’s groups avail a loan through the group mechanism against mutual guarantee. BCF Is helping women to advance their livelihood through SHG ventures.